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CMRJ302 Final Exam Q4

Evaluate the impact of community policing on police and community relations. Is it effective? In doing so, address the challenges to implementing community policing within a police organization.

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Police agencies should always strive to better the relationship they hold with the communities they work with. Departments should form deliberate collaborative initiatives with other government organizations and citizens of their communities(APUS, 2021).Solutions for communities in need should not only come from police departments but rather from the fruit of all those involved to improved. Those with vested interest for the effectiveness of community policing should attempt to influence those they are close to through any means they have available. Active officers serving their communities should make an attempt to understand the struggles and successes the public faces. Knowing key personnel would return great dividends in case those individuals have knowledge on how to diffuse a situation or how to help police activity assist in something good. Results may vary depending on how engaged police and community members are and even the size of cities and departments. It is without a doubt that police agencies will find struggles in an active community

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