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CMRJ308 week 7 forum risk assessment

Discuss the possible effects of applying risk assessment and risk management in policing pertaining to curtailing departmental and officer misconduct.

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Risk management and risk assessment are two very important aspects that can be very beneficial in policing. Risk management and risk assessment are important especially when you realize that their jobs are full of risk. They are given the job of defending the public, patrolling the city, solving crime, etc., and this all has a huge degree of risk associated with it. Also, police misconduct has a huge effect on the relationship police have with the public (Worden, 2014).By applying risk assessment, they have to analyze the situation and the risk associated with whatever ethical or unethical actions they commit. Also, risk management allows police to be able to analyze the risk associated with their conduct and properly manage the outcome of such decisions to mitigate misconduct on the departmental and officer level.

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