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CMRJ329 Week 7 Homework

Describe and discuss various offender sadistic behavior characteristics associated with various criminal behaviors and criminal offender personalities.

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The accepted use of the term sadistic describes a variety of criminal behaviors, but very often, it is described as any perceived cruel act without any specific motivation. Along with this definition, the other elements that should be required before using the term sadistic when describing offender behavior are: the intentional infliction of psychological or physical suffering on a conscious victim who is able to experience pain and/or humiliation, the infliction of such suffering over a period of time, to support an inference that the suffering was inflicted intentionally and that the offender was sexually aroused by it, and the association of the intentional infliction of suffering with the offender’s sexual arousal or gratification (Turvey,2012).

A sadist will inflict pain on someone in order to see that victim’s reaction. The worst types of sadists are the sadistic serial killers, they spend their entire lives fantasizing about and creating new ways to make a person suffer. Tormenting a victim is a way for a sadist to boost their ego and self-worth. Having complete control over a helpless person makes them God-like in their own mind. They live for causing damage and getting away with it. Sadistic predators never stop thinking about how to make others suffer. They are very ritualistic in how they

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