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CMRJ329week3forum crime scene

Identify, discuss and debate the characteristics of the various victim wounds in the crime scene photographs of the 7 year old female victim below.

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Photo one: In this picture you can see a circular burn mark on her right cheek, since we cannot see a similar burn to match this one I can not determine if this was done by a stun gun. On her neck you can see where the rope was originally tied before it settled into its final position underneath her chin. You will also see small red petechial hemorrhaging on her neck. The presence of the petechial hemorrhaging indicates that the victim was alive at the time of the strangulation (Rao, 2013).Photo two: There is a large red/pink mark where the ligature rubbed against her neck as it settled higher up as well as a more clear view of the petechial hemorrhaging on the underside of her chin and neck. The pattern from the ligature indicates that it was pulled from above.

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