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CMRJ329week7forum criminal behaviors

1. Describe and discuss various offender sadistic behavior characteristics associated with various criminal behaviors and criminal offender personalities.

2. List and discuss the characteristics of an autoerotic fatality versus a suicide and how an autoerotic fatality may be mistakenly identified as a suicide.

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The term sadistic can be defined as any cruel behavior that does not necessarily contain a certain motive or context (Turvey, 2012). By calling someone sadistic, it generally means that the person takes pleasure out of another person’s’ pain. A murder that includes sadistic sexual acts is called a lust murder, any sexual motivated murder, though not all lust murders have sadistic acts. For example, postmortem body mutilation of the victim, such as with Jack the Ripper victims. After strangling and cutting his victim’s throats he would then mutilate the women. This is not considered a sadistic act because the victim’s were no longer alive and the pleasure that offender’s take from their sadistic torturers come from seeing the person in pain (Turvey, 2012).Sadism can also be performed between two agreeing partners, while the one is sadistic, the other would be referred to as a masochist which is someone that enjoy spain being inflicted onto them (Turvey, 2012). The sadistic partner, or offender, usually takes a role of dominance in their fantasies and by inflicting pain on the sufferer they are able to reach a greater pleasure that they cannot obtain by standard sexual acts alone. Sadistic acts can include, but are not limited to, strangulation, cutting, burning, biting, and anal penetration (Turvey, 2012).Autoerotic asphyxiation is dangerous sexual act carried out by a person to inhibit the

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