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COMM120 AMU Week 6 Contemporary Privacy and Security Issues Discussion

Question DescriptionGoal: The goal of this forum is to discuss contemporary privacy and security issues.Course Objective(s): CO2: Demonstrate knowledge of ethical, legal, privacy and security issues related to the use of digitally mediated information.Description:In the news we are constantly hearing about security breaches, invasion of personal privacy, and the increasing prevalence of our digital footprint. The increased availability of digital information presents concerns and challenges of privacy, accuracy, intellectual property rights, security, and censorship. As a global citizen, you need to be aware of these issues and how they impact your life.Your instructor will set-up two (2) conversation groups this week in which you will select one topic to discuss which interests you.Conversation Group: SecuritySecurity, as it relates to social media, video surveillance, drones, digital footprint or other topics as they relate to digital privacy.How does the electronic environment impact one?s personal security?Minimum 250 Words AnswerUsing the Richard G. Trefry Library or another credible source, locate and read a quality article regarding digital privacy or security. Be sure to provide attribution for your source in the forum. As you are formulating your initial post consider the following questions:What is the issue? Tell us about it as if we know nothing on the topic.What are the pros and cons of the issue?Why is the issue important?How might the issue impact your life?You are required to participate in one group, and are welcome to participate in the other. Once the conversation is flowing, participate substantively with your peers to teach from one another.Classmate

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