Community health nurses

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Community health nurses are registered nurses (RNs), sometimes referred to as public health nurses trained to work in public health settings (Malcarney et al., 2017). Some public health settings in which community health nurses work include jails, schools, state departments, and businesses. They play various roles, such as medical treatment, research, health education, advocacy, and rehabilitation. Based on my clinical experiences with different community health nurses this term, the most interesting role I found was community health education. Community health education is the only role through which nurses’ impact appropriate changes in the community for health status. Through community health education, a nurse is in direct contact with the community creating the necessary changes required for a better healthcare status. Nurses play a crucial role in providing quality and integrated healthcare to citizens. This role is mainly focused on providing essential and relevant information to individuals and patients regarding their health and how to better their health status (Stanhope & Lancaster, 2019).

​Nursing education provides people with the required knowledge to make informed decisions regarding healthcare and treatment, disease prevention, and health enhancement based on individual interests and preferences. This role mainly focuses on educating citizens and individuals on their health status rights and assessing and assisting a person’s physical, psychological, and spiritual response to that knowledge (Malcarney et al., 2017). Furthermore, through healthcare education done by nurses, the federal government can conduct or implement national healthcare initiatives to better general public health status. Therefore, community health education is the fundamental role of nurses that has the most significant contribution toward the good health status of the community. Therefore, as a nurse, I will endeavor to dedicate most of my efforts to the health education role.




Nurse Roles and Functions

The nursing function that I am most interested in is community health education. I was drawn to this role for a multitude of reasons, some of which are listed below: The primary focus of community health education is the overall well-being of a community, with efforts to identify health issues and trends in a population, as well as collaboration with stakeholders to find solutions to these issues. When a nurse provides community health education, she directly contacts the community. This interaction helps bring about the community changes necessary for a better healthcare status (EF, 2016). Providing high-quality, comprehensive healthcare to citizens is a crucial role for nurses. It is the primary responsibility of this role to give individuals and patients with critical and relevant information about their health and how to improve their health status. Individuals who receive a nursing education are equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to make informed decisions about their healthcare and treatment, illness prevention, and health enhancement based on their interests and preferences and the interests and preferences of other individuals. Citizens and individuals are taught about their rights regarding their health situation. They are assessed and assisted in reacting to that information on a physical, psychological, and spiritual level, which is the primary responsibility of this role. Nurse education helps nurses encourage their patients to practice self-care and self-empowerment and reduce their reliance on healthcare systems by providing them with the knowledge and skills (Mckenzie, Pinger, & Seabert, 2016). Because of the healthcare education offered by nurses, the federal government can develop or implement national healthcare initiatives to improve the overall health condition of the general public. This is made possible by the

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