Concepts of Inflammation and Immunity

    November 5, 2022

Inflammation and Immunity

Concepts of Inflammation and Immunity
Jillian, a 34-year-old female, arrives at the ED immediately after falling off a curb and injuring her right ankle, back, and right elbow. Her back has multiple large skin abrasions and the elbow has a 2-inch long laceration. Jillian states, “I think my ankle is sprained.”

Question 1 Which signs and symptoms should the nurse expect to see at the ankle and surrounding the abrasions? Why?

Question 2 Jillian is diagnosed with a sprained ankle, and she is taught how to walk on crutches. Before Jillian leaves the ED, she tells the nurse, “I think my elbow is infected.” How should the nurse respond to Jillian’s statement?

Question 3 Two weeks later, Jillian follows up with her health care provider stating that she isn’t feeling well and is “achy all over.” Her elbow is painful to the touch, hot, edematous, red, and contains pus. Jillian’s temperature is 100°F. She is still having trouble walking, even though the edema is gone from her ankle. The health care provider has ordered a CBC. What laboratory values should the nurse expect to see?

Question 4 At this time, with which members of the interprofessional health care team will the nurse collaborate to continue caring for Jillian?

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