Consider the following hypothetical scenario and answer the question that follows. The Ministry of Consumer Relations, headed by the Minister, is responsible for regulating used car dealers. The registrar, an employee of the Ministry, has the right to recommend that a tribunal, the Licence Appeal Board, revoke the business licences of dishonest car dealers. The (hypothetical) Consumer Sales Licensing Act establishes the Board. It states that the Board will report to the Minister; that the premier will appoint the chair and members of the Board; and that the chair will decide which members and how many members will be assigned to each appeal. The Board is required by the statute to follow rules of natural justice, such as giving notice of hearings, hearing evidence, allowing parties to be represented by counsel, permitting cross-examination, and giving written reasons for its decisions. The statute also provides for the Board to summon witnesses, hold pre-hearing conferences, and conduct mediation. The statute allows the Board to make rules of procedure that are approved by the Ministry. It may make practice directions and issue guidelines for hearings without the Ministry

    November 1, 2022

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