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1. What is the name of the city, (and country) which is : “The city known for being the headquarters of (Anheuser-Busch InBev) the world’s largest brewer and one of the five largest consumer-goods companies in the world.”

2. Go here and make some comments on what you think of this article, name the school and can you tell me the result of the law suit?

3. Go here to show how a government enacted its legalon the arbitrary classification of nationality and the results.

4. Portugal had a colony in China. What was it? and why would you think it might be to the advantage of Portugal to recruit their Chinese mixed descendants from there.

5. The Atlantic slave trade was from the entire west coast of Africa, and derived from hundreds of differing ethnic groups and from places that include over 20 existing countries. (The East Coast Islamic Slave trade to Arabia and China which very few people know about. Upload a map of that colonial reality.

6. Look up the history of the country of Liberia. Did you know that such a movement existed? Comment on it…It was basically an American colony.

7. Israel is not the only state to be summarily created out of the desire to give an ethnic group their legal homeland. The idea that a new place can exist and find its way to getting its own separate country established is only possible now. It has happened in East Timor in 2000, and in the former Yugoslavia, as well as the UN carving out the new nation of Kosovo from within the sovereign state of Serbia, which is ongoing now. Much of this is through armed conflict and much of it is bloody and sad. Find a list of places that are struggling for existence, cite at least two web pages is one source.

8. In the past these were religious or philosophical tenets now it is more like declarations of global humanism. Go to Earth for the universal declaration of your humanity whether you knew it or not.

9. For discussion purposes imagine what a different world it would be if President Obama had honored all his ancestors and equally represented his mixed race identity as half black and half white? How would making America great again have looked?

10. Where do the majority of orchids come from for Hawaii lei, or the roses come from for Valentine’s Day? Describe the locations, the scope of the production/supply chain/and economic size/impact of the industry.

11. Look up its production and business history. Size of the industry in terms of its overall value, major producing locations, import/export, (for example peanuts are just about the only relevant crop export in Senegal, and bananas are a huge export market in Ecuador, as are electronic components, clothing, and shrimp in Vietnam), then who the major domestic and/or (multinational) corporations that connect in the supply chain…producing, distributing and retailing etc. Use economic facts and figures and find maps that show related production or flow of goods. Thinking of Pumpkin Spice Latte… The famed Spice islands of colonial exploration, and a little

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