Covering an article by writing a LEDE with quotes from the article

    November 5, 2022

Covering an article

Ok, I have this assignment due. You are writing a lede and covering a speech giving by someone else. It is crucial that you use quotes directly from the speech. A lede is the opening paragraph of a news story that immediately grabs the attention of the reader.
link to article points) LEDE. Your lede should summarize the message of her speech — either focusing on one specific point or summarizing multiple points. It should NOT just say that she made a speech. You do need to make a reference to the fact that the message was delivered during her annual Fall Address in either the first or second paragraph. You should also use her name in the lede. IN the first three sentences, you should say this was in her 2022 Fall Address.
(25 points) QUOTES You should include at least three direct quotes in the article. The first reference is to Chanellor Renu Khator and all other references are to Khator, she or the chancellor. If you misspell her name, you will lose 20 points automatically. All direct quotes need attribution and all statements that include opinion, even when they are paraphrased need attribution. So “Khator said” or “she said” needs to be sprinkled at the end of several sentences.

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