Creative Writing

    November 5, 2022

The Creative writing assignment is designed to bring forth your artistic and literary creativity. The story should be of your original design and reflect some of our discussions in this Unit. The length requirement is a minimum of 1500 words. Give your story a title and proofread your writing before submission. Refer to the grading rubric in the attachment for more detailed requirements. You can choose one from the two following prompts:
Please replot and rewrite the story of Hu or Madame Butterfly in Unit One. Your rewriting of their life adventure should be significantly different from the original plot, but still within the framework of the historical encounter between East Asia and the Euro-American West.In Unit Two of the course, we focused on the histories and cultures of Japanese and Chinese martial arts against the global context of modernity and imperialism in the 19th and 20th centuries. This assignment asks you to create a martial arts story that features either Japanese samurai or Chinese martial heroes against the global context of modernity and imperialism.Three grading criteria are:
Relevance to or reflection of East Asian cultures and valuesCoherence, completeness, and originality of the plotWriting style

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