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CRIM 329 Week 3 DB (Week 3)

This week, we have spent a lot of time focusing on the role of audience members in confrontational homicides.

Which types of situations do you think audience members might escalate, de-escalate, or have no role at all in a situation escalating from a physical altercation to a homicide?

Provide examples. Make sure you use your textbook and/or your articles to answer this board post.

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A type of situation I think audience members might escalate are arguments that turn into violent fights or just fights in general (like at parties, bars, gatherings, or sporting events). The audience or group of people can inflame a fight by reacting in a certain way. For instance, the audience can antagonize both the fighters by saying “fight, fight, fight” to escalate the situation and that creates space for one or both people to show who has more dominance. Which antagonizing can also affect the thought process of the two potential fighters if one or both believe they need to save face in front of onlookers (audience)leading to a dangerous fight. Now, relating to my situation above fights can also be de-escalated by audience members. This can be

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