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CRIM 329 Week 4 DB partner violence

Discussion Question: Consider the dynamics of intimate partner violence.

What are the factors that make Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) more likely to escalate to Intimate Partner Homicide?

What types of policies might be useful in preventing homicides of this type?

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Some of the factors that make IPV more likely to escalate to IPH is first started by intimate partner having low self-esteem, low income, and low education/academic achievement. Or they can be aggressive (stalking) or have delinquent behavior as a youth. All starting point factors can be placed under societal, community, relationship, and individual risk factors. But most importantly as said in the IPH Literature determined by Campbell and colleagues, the strongest sociodemographic risk factor for homicide of women by an intimate partner was the abuser’s lack of employment. The other factors include the separation from an abusive partner after living together (and having ever left or having

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