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CRIM 329 Week 7 Discussion Board

Review the link I provided from the Washington Post on the Deadliest Jobs. Scroll down to the chart titled “Murder on the job” (not the one labeled “The deadliest¬† jobs”)

– Choose ONE of the occupations from the chart they provide and answer the following questions. Make sure you reference and cite your text.

Can you apply any criminological theories to explain murder to these professions?Which ones?

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The occupation that I have decided to talk about is taxi drivers and chauffeurs. Taxicab drivers and chauffeurs face one of the highest homicide rates of any job occupation. The dynamics involved in this occupation that may lead to murder are working alone, dealing with cash, and working with the public at night. The main dynamic is working in high-crime areas where assault, robbery, and homicides are more likely to occur. But we also need to understand that some driver’s behavior such as over-charging, taking longer routes, and showing aggression or rudeness, may also lead to aggressive behavior by passengers.

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