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Crim 329Week 9 Discussion Board

Discussion Question: This week, you had three readings, two of which were on gangs and one on prison homicides. I would like you to talk about some of the findings that may have been particularly interesting or surprising for you from the readings. (You may discuss all three, two, or one of these articles, whichever you prefer. Make sure you cite your article(s) in your discussion)

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From the readings provided for this week I have choose to talk about “Prison Homicide: An Extension of Violent Criminal Career?”. For me this article was very interesting because before I had read this article, I had thought to myself why would an offender keep committing crimes while being facilitated in a prison? It wasn’t very shocking when it came to knowing that anything (like homicides) could happen in a prison, and it can happen fast but how can officers continue to let these kinds of acts carry on? Through the career criminal perspective, I found it fascinating that “only four studies in the past five decades have explored the characteristics of homicide perpetrators/victims, the motives, and

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