Crime rates

The problem that I would like to shed light on encompasses the City of Saginaw, and their lack of police force to help keep people safe. Crime rates are increasing, and the police force is decreasing, which is not an ideal equation to have. Being that I live in the Saginaw Township area, I am still concerned over the cuts being made to police enforcers. The police keep the community safe, and fight to keep people away from the dangers of criminals. Without them, the community would be exposed to an increasing amount of crime and violence.



A lack of police force can cause numerous issues in the community. And with those causes, come the inevitable side effects. If there is not enough police enforcement on our streets, businesses may fear they have to close down in the Saginaw area. Less people are choosing to live in the city because of the crime, and lack of police presence. Each of these causes has effects on the community. One of these effects includes an increased crime and violence rate in Saginaw. The property value of houses in the city are decreasing because of the undesirable location due to crime, and with the police being laid off, crime is increasing and law enforcement is decreasing. Additionally, businesses do not want to occupy buildings in the City of Saginaw where there is a smaller customer base, and more crime.



This is a large issue to confront, and it will not get any better until something is done. The solution to this problem is generating money to hire new police officers to help keep the City of Saginaw safe.
















Problem Analysis Report Kelly Sievert

Saginaw Valley State University Grant and Proposal Writing – RPW 320

Dr. Brad Herzog October 9th, 2015




Decreased Police Force Causes Negative Effects for Saginaw


Background Information and Problem Being Faced

The City of Saginaw was once a flourishing city with a focus on jobs and growth. The growth of Saginaw began during the 1850s; however, it was not until after the Civil War period that it officially began to develop. Between the 1860s-1880s, Saginaw’s position on the river gave it the title of the “lumber capital of the world,” with it providing lumber to areas around the world. The lumber business gave way to the initial start up of Morley Brothers, “the largest wholesale hardware company east of the Rocky Mountains.” The Saginaw River was an important feature in the area because it determined the settlement of the city and allowed access to the Great Lakes, pushing business (City of Saginaw, MI, 2015).

Fast forward to the 1990s. In 1995, 500 people were laid off from the Saginaw Steering complex, which was the beginning of the job losses for Saginaw. Then, in November of 1998, the General Motors Plant that was located in Saginaw closes its doors. This facility, better known as “Delphi Automotive Systems,” laid off a total of 2,700 employees, which was a major hit for community of Saginaw. The General Motors plant was what kept Saginaw thriving, people working, and crime down. For three quarters of a century, Saginaw was once a leader in providing “aluminum and iron castings for engine blocks, transmissions, and chassis systems” for cars, but now in the 2000s, the City of Saginaw is a shell of its former self when it comes to the employment of people, and positive activity in the city itself (White, 1998).

Today, residents of Saginaw are left with increasing crime rates and reports of violence on a regular basis. Police enforcers are now left with the task of keeping the community safe, even if there are not enough officers to go around. Figure 1 below illustrates the crimes per square mile, and contrasts Saginaw’s crime with Michigan’s overall crime. Figure 2 illustrates a




similar idea, except this graph shows the violent crime comparison between Saginaw and Michigan. As both graphs show, crime and violence is much higher in Saginaw when compared to the overall state of Michigan

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