Criminal justice symposium

Based on the feedback you have received on your introduction paragraph, begin writing a 3–4 page rough draft of the body paragraphs of your research paper, which should have a clear focus, problems and solutions, and reliable/scholarly sources as support. You should currently have a good supply of research notes to bring into each of your arguments. Be sure your rough draft includes the following:

  • An introduction that has been revised based on prior feedback
  • Body paragraphs organized around focused analysis and supporting evidence for each of the key points that you are researching
  • In-text citations and a reference page to document sources being used


this was a good paper and an interesting selection of topics for an expository exploration of a changing landscape in the criminal justice field. Below are minor administrative issues that should be addressed in future academic papers. Keep up the good work.

This paper is authorized to be turned in late to help meet the needs of the student. The penalty is governed by AIU’s standardized late policy (effective January 11, 2017). The policy may not be amended or edited for individual usage. Assignments that are submitted within 7 calendar days, after the due date, will be assessed a 10% penalty off of the total assignment’s points. Break weeks are excluded from the formula. Only one late paper may be submitted in the last week of class. (12.5 points).

There are no in-text citations in the body of the paper to show where the work came from (although there are references at the end of the paper. Whenever there are references at the end of a paper, then there should also be corresponding in-text citations somewhere in the body of the paper. The in-text citations should match-up with the references at the end of the paper. An in-text citation is the author’s last name, followed by the year of publication. So if John Doe wrote a book, journal article, magazine article or website article in 2005, then the in-text citation would be like this: (Doe, 2005). If the publication date isn’t available, then simply write n.d. which means “no date. ” This is how it would look: (Doe, n.d.). If no human author is listed in the publication that you want to cite, then there is a specific way to format that too as an in-text citation. The AIU APA guide should help you and you can find it at . A website called Citation Machine will also format the in-text citation for free for you. Go to and remember to choose APA and not MLA. You can also visit to see a sample APA paper with sample in-text citations in it. PERRLA would also help you. It’s inexpensive software that you can purchase and it will automatically create in-text citations for you, and it will create an alphabetized

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