CRJ 306-week 2 discussion 2

Explain the purposes of opening statements in a criminal trial. Detail the order in which opening statements occur to the jury, and comment on whether this ordering seems the most fair or not.

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The purpose of an opening statement is to tell a story to the jury without any gaps or hole so that the jury will understand the whole story without having to fell in the blanks of the story. You must make sure to tell the jury why you should win, and your adversary should lose (Brook & Cornm 2012). The reality is that by the time the attorneys finish voir dire and opening statements, a vast majority of the jurors have already made up their minds (Hirschhorn 1991).

1.Give the jury a theme: of words that will capture the juror’s attention

2. Tell a story: by stating facts and have it to tie into the closing argument

3. Create some sense of injustice: using your imagination in developing and presenting our opening statement and take a unique approach

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