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CRMJ320 Week 3 Correctional Policy

I think the best illustration of how bad it was is, one day I was walking a tier, and one of the inmates asked to borrow my knife. He was in for double murder. They knew we all carried knives. He had apiece of wood in his cell and was carving a face, and he needed the knife to get the fine areas of it. I told him no, and he said, okay, let’s do it this way, and he handed me a hatchet. He said I could hold his hatchet, while he used my knife. Seemed like a pretty good deal to me, so I took the hatchet and went to the rear hall to inform the captain. When I walked in with it in my hand, one deputy asked, what was I doing with Freddie’s hatchet? Turns out he had given it to him to improve his woodworking skills. As a general rule, inmates didn’t attack officers. Not that they had any great love for us, but when they did, the place would go into lockdown. I’ve seen several officers stabbed and/or attacked. One was stabbed 28 times, but he survived. Another had his throat slit in three places. The problem with this job is some officers become complacent. Many officers forget who they’re dealing with. And a simple thing like opening the cells on a tier can prove fatal if you’re not always aware of your surroundings.

The Role of Prisons and Parole in the United States

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The purpose of a prison is to house convicted offenders sentenced by the courts to more than 1 year in prison for their crimes. Understanding that prison is ultimately a correctional tool, the roles of prisons as well as their policies and practices will vary across time. This means that at one point in time, the function of prisons was based on laws, politics, and/or social issues that were heavily focused on incarceration. At a later point in time, the focus shifted to rehabilitation. These shifts in focus are brought on by social awareness and demands by the public to address the sometimes-failing efforts that are currently used. It can be difficult for a prison to meet the needs and agendas of society, new legislation, and revised laws while maintaining the safety of its staff and inmates. Political rhetoric spouting the need to continually get tough on crime is easily voiced, but it is an unrealistic expectation. Society must understand that although incarceration may seem the commonsense solution, in the long run it does little to decrease crime and recidivism. The focus of corrections today is a combination of secure confinement and treatment. Being able to provide programming and treatment options while maintaining a secure prison facility will not only keep inmates actively involved in their own


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