CSI Week 3 Initial Discussion Post

In your own words, please describe cross-contamination as it relates to forensic evidence. How can it be avoided and why is it important to do so? What is a Control Sample and why is it important to collect one? Support your rationale.

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It is essential that every effort at a crime scene be taken to avoid cross-contamination of physical evidence between items, locations, and personnel who are working within the secure perimeter. Cross-contamination refers to the unwanted transfer of material between two or more sources of physical evidence. Every item must be identified, collected, and preserved individually in order to avoid cross contamination, and during the process it is necessary to wear two sets of latex or nitrile gloves. Moreover, the outer set should be changed regularly to provide protection for the crime scene investigator as well as prevent the possibility of evidence being subject to contamination. Other preventative measures include avoiding smoking, eating, drinking, chewing gum, or using cell phones while processing the scene, and monitoring other colleagues and personnel to do the same. If tools used to retrieve evidence is not disposable, it is also

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