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Cultural Industries

York University

Communication Studies AP/COMN 3213 3.0 S1 2022

Labour in the Communication and Cultural Industries Group Discussion Report (20%): The class will be divided into groups of 5 students. Please exchange contact information, as this will be your group for the rest of the course. Group discussions will take place on several occasions during class time and will be based on the material covered (readings, videos, discussions, etc.). Your group will receive a question sheet that will guide your discussion. You will have to choose a facilitator to lead each discussion. Everyone must take on the facilitator role once. In addition to leading the group discussion, the facilitator must submit a report that captures the group discussion and your subsequent reflections. Clearly distinguish between your own voice and the voices of others in your group. Upon completion of the discussion, review your notes and supplement the discussion using relevant course material. The report should be no more than 5 double-spaced typed pages in length. You do not have to use essay form, but please express your thoughts in a coherent manner. Please include: a) your name, b) your group #, and c) the names of all members of your group who were present during discussion. Your report will be graded on your comprehension of the course material, the depth of your engagement with the material, and your capacity to convey your ideas to your reader. Next steps: On May 24, you will be placed in a group. Along with other members of your group, determine which of the 5 group discussions you will facilitate. One week after you facilitate your group discussion, hand in the report to me by email to In the subject heading, please include: i) your last name, ii) the course (COMN3213), iii) Group Discussion Report, and iv) your group number – e.g. Subject: Smith, COMN3213, Group Discussion Report, Group 2. Group Discussion #5 will take place June 16 and will be due June 23. 1. “Web 2.0 corporations and the usage they enable are not an expression of participatory democracy. As long as corporations dominate the Internet, it will not be participatory”. Do you agree? Why? Why not? 2. Fuchs claims that “audiences of advertising-financed newspapers, TV and radio stations work when giving attention to these media (audience labour) and produce themselves as a commodity (the audience commodity) that is sold to advertisers” […] “If exploitation does not



feel like exploitation, then this does not mean that it does not exist. It is exploitation even if users like it.” Do you believe yo

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