culture change

To prepare for the Week 2 Assessment, consider a past or current professional experience where a culture change was needed.

The past job for consideration is avionics technician for a lab in space x


Using the Organizational Change Chart outline information about the experience and organization following Kotter’s 8-Step to Change Model as a guiding line.


Kotter’s 8-Step Change Model

· Step One: Create Urgency.

· Step Two: Form a Powerful Coalition.

· Step Three: Create a Vision for Change.

· Step Four: Communicate the Vision.

· Step Five: Remove Obstacles.

· Step Six: Create Short-Term Wins.

· Step Seven: Build on the Change.

· Step Eight: Anchor the Changes in Corporate Culture.


Faculty Note: Look ahead to the week 2 assignment as this assignment is preparation for week 2. Be sure to indicate the specific change and the company involved from your experience. Identify the company if possible. Please use and submit the Excel Organization Change Model Worksheet for this assignment.


Fill in the left-hand column of this form with the indicated information (mission, vision, values, etc.) and use the right-hand column for additional notes on how the process could have been improved for both the top and bottom sections of the chart.


One of the most important boxes is the Goal box. What is the goal of organizational change?

Review the grading rubric for this and all assignments in the course.


Submit your assignment.

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