Current Issues Paper Written Assignment

    July 16, 2023

Week 2 Written Assignment
Current Issues Paper Written Assignment

Find and search any website that discusses topics pertinent to FASB, SEC,
IFRS, or anything related.
 Specifically, describe and discuss the changes that have occurred within the prior
12 months in the standards and rulings issued by one of these standard setting bodies.
You could also incorporate the standards that are being contemplated through pending
discussion exposure documents.
 Your paper should be a minimum of five to eight pages, including a cover page
and bibliography.
 The font size should be 12-point and the type can be Times New Roman,
Verdana, or Arial.
 Your paper should be properly cited using APA referencing style. This means that
citations should be in a bibliography and in the body of the paper wherever you refer to
or directly quote any information or terms from other sources.
 You should include a minimum of three references in your paper.
 This paper is a research paper—you need to learn something new from this
assignment, not just provide your ideas about your experien

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