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Explain the relationship between observations and screeners in the assessment of young children. Include at least two specific examples of how they are connected. Discuss how the information shared in the video does or does not align with the screening process shared in the case study in the introduction section of Chapter 5 of the course text. Include at least two specific examples to support your thinking.

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The relationship between screeners and observers go hand and hand, a screener is looking for developmental delays and health issues where an observers is taking note and really making a written formal observation of the child and its surroundings.

The screening process on the video and in the text do align but the processes in the text seem to be more thorough than in the video. Within the text it states a screening process along with observation would be done first before any recommendations would be made. The text seemed to be more one and one teacher versus child where the video seemed to collect information from multiple people and sources.

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