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D4 The science of Sexual Arousal

Review the article: Sex: The science of Sexual Arousal from the Monitor on Psychology, a publication of the American Psychological Association (APA) and compare it to our textbook relative to the differences between the sexes in sexual arousal.Identify and describe three major differences between the sexes in sexual response.How might lack of knowledge or and awareness of these differences influence a couple’s sex life?

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One major difference between the sexes is that women often have more variable sexual response patterns than men have. Men also have a refractory period whereas most women don’t. This period is a minimum time that men need after an orgasm before they can have another climax. Another major difference is that women can have multiple orgasms within a short period of time. Men however stop after they orgasm. The article Sex: The science of Sexual Arousal talks a lot about the psychological differences in arousal. The article says that men who said that they had no troubles getting and maintaining erections. That the result of being shocked increased sexual

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