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db 4 types of associations

According to Sutherland, our associations do not carry equal weight; some are more influential than others. What types of associations carry the greatest weight in influencing our behavior?

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Differential association theory is a theory created by Edwin Sutherland. Per the theory, through interactions people learn the values, motives and attitudes of criminal behavior. It is said that individuals hold values that approve of crime. (Cohen, 1955; Topalli, 2005) in other cases i tis said that people’s values do not approve of crime but are conductive to crime. This includes values such as thrill seeking, toughness and desire for quick and easy success. (Agnew, 200;Matza and Skyes, 1961; Miller. 1958; Mullin, 2006; Wilkinson, 2003). The most common theory is that an individual’s values justify or excuse a crime in certain situations.

The delinquent knows that crime is bad but excuse their behavior because “the victim had it coming or the behavior won’t really hurt anyone.” A large amount of data suggests that individuals with delinquent friends are more likely to commit crime and that it’s the largest correlation between the two. Do delinquents pick to befriend another delinquent or does associating with a delinquent corrupt a non-delinquent? Most of us knew a peer or a class mate who turned out to be a delinquent, when thinking about how they got their most time they were introduced to delinquent behavior by someone else. Often peer pressure played a part in it.

How one person comes to engage in criminal behavior:

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