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As the population increases, infections, diseases, and health concerns also increase. As a result, public health is faced with needing to do more while the available resources are limited. Many people have turned to Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) to help drive performance excellence with the available resources to address the increasing health issues and conditions with the limited available resources. CQI is a deliberate and defined process that focuses on activities that are responsive to the needs of a community and the improvement of community health (Hill, Stephani,  Sapple& Clegg, 2020). It entails continuous efforts to achieve measurable improvements in efficiency, accountability, effectiveness, and performance. The main benefits of CQI are that it embraces a culture of safety, it is effective, it is patient-centered, it is cost-effective and less expensive to maintain, and it is efficient and proactive since it can recognize and solve problems even before they occur.

As a public nurse, I will use the PCDA model to improve community health by using identifying existing problems and developing an action plan, executing the project through collaboration and partnership with other stakeholders, analyzing the results and comparing them with the previous cycle then correct the failures detected (Sun,  Cao, Yang, & Yuan, 2021). In the Plan step, I will identify the existing problem, an increase in STIs among teens, which needs to be solved as soon as possible. This step will involve developing work plans and training schedules o train teens on sex education. Additionally, this step will include the development of work strategies that require the incorporation of partnership and the roles of each partner and stakeholders. The Do step will involve conducting sex education among youth in the communities collaborating with different partners, including community organizations, schools, and government agencies. Since it is the step where the action plan will be carried out, its effectiveness will determine the failure or success of the process. The check step will involve analyzing the data to see the changes in STI transmission among teens after the intervention. This step will also help to identify failure in the process. Finally, the Act step will involve correcting the failures detected.

Some of the partners involved in the intervention include; government agencies, schools, community support organizations, health care, and service providers, affinity groups, and non-profit partners such as the corporation Media Company. Some of the benefits of these partners are that they increase the lease of knowledge and expertise. Also, they lower the costs of the process since partners pull together resources. Additionally, they contribute to better alignment of goals and objectives, thus increasing the process’s efficiency and effectiveness.




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