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DB Forum 1: cultural intelligence

Prompt: “How do the practices of intercultural communication and cultural intelligence provide insight and understanding as we seek to communicate an unchanging gospel message to people from diverse cultures and contexts?”

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To begin to answer the prompt the reader must be familiar with the importance of understanding intercultural communication and cultural intelligence. The basic understanding of IC and CI(Intercultural Communication and Cultural Intelligence) is necessary, because it is the “underlying values of a culture (e.g., individual competitive- ness versus group harmony)[which] often shape communication expectations and attitudes.”1Without understanding the many and diverse cultural forms of communication and unique expectations and attitudes, the global church will be unable to effectively communicate the power of the unchanging gospel message. Therefore, when we are able to apply the four capabilities of CQ we are able to more accurately and effectively communicate the gospel.2For example, when the reader addresses the third CQ from the reading, “How will you plan in light of the cultural differences?”, they are better prepared to speak to an audience with cultural understanding, authority, respect, andclarity.3The goal when presenting the gospel message is to effectively communicate who Jesus is, why He died on the cross, why He rose again, and how does that change the listener. Now, without understanding cultural context faith in Christ and scripture can be misconstrued in many different ways. For example, the Industrial Revolution that took place in the nineteenth century effected the European countries different than that of the Asian countries. It was stated that, “As tumultuous as the political unrest was [in European countries], so was the economic revolution that was well under way in the nineteenth century.”4These Revolutions changed

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