DBweek 7 network manager

It’s critical to monitor the services on your network. If any part of the network is down the network manager needs to be notified right away. We also need to monitor the health of the network and to foresee problems and proactively attend to the network. Perform some research on the Internet and find one monitoring application and provide a summary about its capabilities. This monitoring application can be open source or a commercial based application.

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Well what the heck do we do here. I guess that luckily there is really not a lack of information about network monitoring software that is available. But how do you really know what the best option for the best cost is. I know that is a big deal in every business, don’t a ton of money on what you can spend less and still get what you need. Well so there are solar winds, what’s up gold, Nagios, PRTG, and ip Monitor. These are just to name a few of the many that are out there. I personally have used what’s up gold for the air force. There are really two reasons that I liked this software and that is the ease of use in setup, with the network discovery mode, and the dash board. The dash board that is available with in the what’s up gold software was amazing, you could configure it pretty much exactly how you wanted to and then it was interactive as well. If you saw a switch go down on the screen you could click on it and it would display all the information that it was getting.

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