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Describe what happened the way it was handled by the union and management

Both unions and organizations have been subjected to various ethical and corruption incidents. In your readings you have been exposed to the various laws that attempt to eliminate illegal activities by both parties.  These stories were covered in the local papers in the Detroit area.  The internet will be a good source for information.
This week I would like your input regarding the major corruption issues that unions and management previously faced and compare them to the corruption issues currently present. I would suggest several current events. You can also select an example that you would like to discuss.
The incident that occurred several years ago when a television reporter caught Chrysler employees drinking and using drugs at a park during their lunch break and returning to work.

  • Describe what happened the way it was handled by the union and management
  • Discuss the implications for the union and management with this situation

You can use your opinions, reflections, etc. in responding to the two above questions.

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