Dependent and Independent Variables Discussions

    November 5, 2022

Variables Discussions

Dependent and Independent Variables Discussions
There are two separate discussion topics Each of them should be single spaced 10 font size Arial. One page each These two pages should be prepared on separate word documents. The are due in 2 days.

Topic 1: Dependent and Independent Variables

Now that you have read and discussed health care statistics, consider how dependent and independent variables are analyzed in health care to aid quality assurance. Using the Capella library, find a peer-reviewed article or study that compares the relationship between two variables. Explain the two variables being used and the statistical tests that were used to analyze the relationship between the variables.

Start your post by stating the study results in statistical terms and then describe the study, variables, and tests used. (For example: A Spearman rank test found an increase in total dissolved solids (mg/L) in ground water was strongly associated with an increase in uranium concentration (ppb), rs, (23) = .708, p <.0005.)

Topic 2: Usable Information
For this discussion, consider how data are analyzed and presented in a health care organization. Discuss 2–3 current methods for transforming statistical outputs into usable information for managers across the whole organization.

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