Describe how you would strengthen a presentation for selling a snow removal service. Final Exam MKT-270: Professional Selling

    September 17, 2022

Describe how you would strengthen a presentation for selling a snow removal service.Final ExamMKT-270: Professional SellingDirections: To complete the exam, create a separate word processing document to record your responses. Type your name, date, and course number/section at the top of each page. Number each question in the order presented here and be sure to label any sub-sections that are part of a question. Any references should be cited using APA guidelines. Pages should be single-spaced using 12 pt font size (Times New Roman).Evaluation Guidelines: A perfect score on a question means that you demonstrated a superior level of understanding of the concepts relevant to the question, utilized the professional selling techniques and processes expected for that area of inquiry, were able to apply the concepts and techniques correctly and appropriately, and presented your ideas comprehensively and with precision. Additionally, 20% of each question’s evaluation will be based on writing ability, correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling, as expected of a university student.(10 points) Assume you are interviewing for a sales position with a firm in which you are really interested. You have just spent 25 minutes with the sales manager talking about your needs, skills, and attributes. You know that the next step for all “good” job candidates is a visit to the regional office and an interview with the regional manager. You felt the interview went well, but you want to “test the waters” to learn how you stand.You now need to obtain commitment towards getting that interview with the regional manager. What is your goal (i.e., what exactly will you attempt to get the manager to agree to do?)?Given your answer in “a,” describe exactly what you would say using each of the following methods:

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