Describe your earliest recollection of the concept of race. In other words, when and under what circumstances did you first become aware of the concept of race?

    April 6, 2023


The purpose of this assignment is to allow you to reflect on how some of the topics covered in this class intersect with your life. This is also an opportunity to practice your writing skills.  


  1.  Choose ONE prompt to which you would like to respond.
  2. Provide a paragraph to page-long response to the prompt, being sure to identify somewhere near the start of the writing assignment which prompt you selected (for example, you can list the number of the prompt you chose somewhere at the top).
  3. Click Submit Assignment in the upper right to choose the upload type for your assignment, then click Submit Assignment to complete the submission.


Please respond to one of the following prompts:

  1. Describe your earliest recollection of the concept of race. In other words, when and under what circumstances did you first become aware of the concept of race? Please feel free to recount any relevant experiences – negative, positive, or neutral.
  2. What role, if any, does race play in your everyday life? Maybe you encounter this concept on a daily basis. Conversely, maybe instead you feel that the concept of race is irrelevant to your life at present. Please explain.
  3. Have you directly experienced or been a witness to an incident involving racism? Please feel free to share your experiences.

Submission Format

You can either type your assignment directly into Canvas using the online text option or you can upload your writing assignment as a Microsoft Word Document or a PDF file.

Time Frame

The amount of time to complete the assignment will vary greatly on how rapidly you write, and will range from approximately 30 minutes – 2 hours.  This assignment is due on Monday, Feb. 14 by 11:59pm.

Criteria for Success

Take a look at the rubric at the bottom for how your assignment will be graded. Give a well thought-out response to one prompt. Be sure that the response is your own, please! No credit will be given to plagiarized responses. Your written assignment doesn’t need to sound perfect. It just needs to be in your own words, and it should be clear that you gave the prompt sufficient thought and put time into making sure your response is understandable. Please identify at the top of your assignment (not as part of the body of the essay, but separately) which prompt you selected.

This is a graded assignment worth 15 POINTS (out of a possible 105 points you can earn in the class).


Rubric for ANTH 3610 Writing Assignment #1

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeProofreading/clarityMinimal/no typos?3 ptsFull marksNo or minimal grammatical errors or misspellings.1.5 ptsNeeded to proofread one more timeResponse contains some typos.0 ptsNo MarksProofreading was not done, and writing contains many grammatical errors and/or typos.3 pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeLogical order of explanation10 ptsFull MarksIn response, ideas presented logically flow from one another.5 ptsSome clarity problemsSounds as though student put the response together while focusing on something else, as evidenced by sentences left unfinished, or the same sentences repeated more than once (these are true examples from some of Dr. Parga’s past classes)!0 ptsNo marksThoughts and sentences in jumbled order – no attempt was made to ensure that reader could follow train of thought.10 pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeWas prompt that was chosen identified somewhere?2 ptsFull MarksPrompt that the student selected for a response was clearly identified at top of page.0 ptsNo MarksPrompt was not identified.2 pts
Total Points: 15

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