Details of this piece of news

    November 5, 2022

piece of news

Read this article:

 Answer the following questions on the table:
Selection Criteria Question: to ponder Stud en’t Answer Reliability What are the details of this piece of news? Which of these details can be verified in other sources? Could these details be true? Why or why not? Accu racy Which of these facts are measurable? How were they derived? Was the article written in an objective manner? Is the article written with care? Consider the audience of the article? Who would find this article valuable? Who wrote the article? How is the author related to the article? What was his source? Are the sources properly cited? What is the reputation of the author? Is he known for some biases? Timeliness When was the article written? Is it possible that some of fine information in the article has changed in time? If yes, would the change have an):r effect on the conclusion of the article?

Lab #3, The Origins of Life

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