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Develop one empirically supported therapeutic treatment plan for the client in the vignette. Therapeutic Treatment Strategy for Bipolar II Disorder

Develop one empirically supported therapeutic treatment plan for the client in the vignette.Therapeutic Treatment Strategy for Bipolar II DisorderDevelop one empirically supported therapeutic treatment plan for the client in the vignette. Please make sure you summarize the empirical evidence with appropriate citations to support your treatment choice(s) in working with your client. Be sure to discuss the effectiveness and limitations in working with this particular client, including this client’s background, using the above treatment plans.IDENTIFYING DATAMs. Monroe is a 26-year-old, divorced, Caucasian female who is four months pregnant and currently held at the Rappahannock Regional Jail in Stafford, Virginia. She was arrested on November 5, 2016, charged with trespassing (Class 1 misdemeanor); statutory burglary while armed with a deadly weapon (Class 2 felony); two counts of abduction (parental kidnapping); and contempt of court (Class 6 felony). Ms. Monroe is facing 20 years to life in prison. On January 5, 2017, she was court-ordered to participate in a psychological evaluation due to her current mental status as well as her psychiatric history. Clinical opinion specific to Ms. Monroe’s competence to proceed and mental status at the time of the offense is to be offered to the Court.INSTANT OFFENSEAt 6:30am on November 2, 2016, Fredericksburg Police Department received a call from Mr. John Monroe. He stated that he woke up to find his 1-year-old daughter and 2-year-old son missing. He noticed that the window to his back door was broken which he assumes was the means to unlock and open the door. He reported that his home security system had been de-activated due to financial strain and that his bedroom is located in an area of his house that is opposite of his children’s room. Thus he was unable to hear any movement. He denied any property damage (other than the back door window) and anything missing (other than his children).Mr. Monroe reported to police that he suspects that his ex-wife entered his home and took the children. He stated that they divorced 10 months ago when their daughter was 2 months old and, due to his ex-wife’s psychiatric condition and unemployment status, the court awarded him full custody of both children. He also reported that since the court’s decision, Ms. Monroe would intermittently text or call him for the purpose of threatening to take the kids from him, out of the state, with the intent of him never finding them and with no concern about legal consequences. She also verbalized the possibility of harming him if he interfered with her taking them. He suggested that she may be in the Hampstead, North Carolina area, as that is where she was born and raised and always desired to return. He also made it known that she is severely hearing impaired, wears hearing aids, but primarily relies on lip-reading. She is fluent in American Sign Language. He provided identifying information, the make and model of her car, and the license plate number.On November 5, 2016, a

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