Developing a Health Communication Media Campaign

    November 5, 2022

Developing a Health Communication Media Campaign
You are the Health Communication Specialist at a public health organization. You have been tasked with creating a health communication media campaign focused on a public health issue of your choice (e.g. unhealthy eating, physical inactivity, smoking, teen pregnancy, etc.). Using PowerPoint, design a health communication media campaign that includes the following:
Name of the campaign
Brief description of the target audience
Brief description of the health problem/public health issue
What are the goals/objectives of the campaign? (What are you hoping to achieve as a result of this campaign?)
Create three campaign messages that convey your goals/objectives
What communication channels will you use to deliver these messages? (e.g. social media, print, brochures, radio or television advertisements, etc.)
On the final slide of your presentation, draft a brief press release announcing the release of your health communication media campaign.Post your presentations to the discussion forum and respond to your peers’ presentations.

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