Developing Country

Developing Country (CHOOSE ONE): Afghanistan or Kazakhstan
Due date: follow the syllabus.

Broad question: Why did the events in Afghanistan in August 2021 (or in Kazakhstan in January 2022) unfold the way they did?

More details to ponder: Was it predetermined, who is to blame or to thank? What role has the financial aid play in the development of this country? How much, from where, in what form and on which conditions was this aid given? What do you think the people of Afghanistan (or Kazakhstan) want and how can they achieve that? Why or why not?

For Afghanistan, you can start here, but the article does not give a full history.

I highly encourage you to use peer reviewed sources, like journal articles and books, Economist Intelligence Unit, IFF and even IMF reports. Use library resources, search databases and contact online library resources if you need. I discourage to use journalism of the last 10 years, although you can include them as long as you are also using peer reviewed sources. There is no min or max on sources, but 3 on average would be appropriate

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