DiSC Assessment Response Paper

    March 1, 2023

This assignment pertains to your own work or school environment, and will be completed as an individual.  Please select a team environment either in your job or your schoolwork.  Think about your team members in light of your DiSC leadership profile, and try to consider what the DiSC assessment might say about the leadership profiles of your team members.  The assignment is to provide a written assessment of the possible characteristics of your team dynamics as a result of the respective DiSC leadership profiles of your team members (even though you might just be guessing at the leadership profiles of your team members).  Please address the following:

  1. Given your and your teammates respective DiSC leadership profiles, the strengths of your team are:
  2. Given the respective DiSC profiles, some challenges your team may encounter are:
  3. Given the respective DiSC profiles, your team should take the following steps to maximize the effectiveness of the team:

You should prepare either a 1-2 page paper -OR- PowerPoint slides on each question, with an added voice-over recording.  If you choose the latter, however, please remember that your report will be compared with written reports, and should therefore reflect the same level of thoughtfulness and rigor

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