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After listening, provide a summary of what this podcast covered. Please describe at least one thing you learned from this podcast and how you can use this information to better serve your clients. Given what you now know about the ethical code so far, which part of the code is related to the topics of equity?

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The podcast I listened to was Beautiful Humans “Black Voices in ABA”. Erin and Denisha held. Panel discussion with four Behavior Analysts by the names of Jada, Shemeka, Robin, and Shawn. At the start of the conversation the panelists discussed their experiences and how their racial identities show up in their work life. One thing that stood out to me was how Robin mentioned experiences in her workplace where individuals would present sly comments from individuals who were shocked to see that she was even providing services. One thing that I took away from listening to this podcast was that one who want to call

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