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Discussion 1 human sexuality

Of the research techniques in chapter 3 – surveys, laboratory studies using direct observations, media content analysis, participant-observer studies, experiments – which do you think is best for learning about human sexuality? Why?

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I learned all about the different ways that sex can be researched in chapter 3 that I can’t decide on which technique is the best one just yet. Each technique has its pros and cons with its own uniqueness that can provide useful information towards research. One of the most common methods are self- reports. The way self-reports are conducted, according to Hyde (2020), is by asking participants a set of questions about their sexuality and can be collected with paper questionnaires, interviews, and online. The cons with self-reports are that people may lie or exaggerate their answers due to self appearance or just not wanting to expose themselves. (p. 44). Scientists have come with a way to approach such inaccuracy by

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