discussion 1 various types of yoga

What are the various types of yoga that are offered in your area?

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The closest Yoga studio to me is about an hour’s drive away. The name of the Yoga studio is The Red Clover. They offer eight different types of Yoga classes. Restorative Yoga which is therapeutic for those who suffer from arthritis, inflammation, or have mobility problems. The Yoga for Everyone class is for beginners so that they can learn the proper techniques in order to focus on the different balance and floor poses as well as relaxation. Vinyasa Flow is a class in which the client learns to incorporate movement with breath. Yin Yoga is a class for advanced clients who can hold longer poses. Healthy Flow class incorporates primary strength based yoga and vinyasa so as to challenge the cardiovascular system, build lean muscle, and improve flexibility. The Dynamic Vinyasa for Athlete class combines the healthy Flow class movements but is explicitly designed to help increase and athletes performance by improving

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