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Discussion 2-1 physiological aspects

Discuss the possible physical, personal and interpersonal benefits a woman and a man can gain from knowledge and understanding of their body and how it functions. In this task, review the biological anatomy and physiological aspects of gender differences. How does the biological perspective explain gender differences? On what do they focus? What are the gender differences in brain development and function, and how do hormonal differences affect males and females physically, mentally, and emotionally. What aspects do these perspectives not explain fully?

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It is very important for woman and men to know and understand one another’s body. So they can be aware or help with examinations. When you know your body you can catch issues before they get out of hand. Also you can understand why a woman or man might act a certain way. It will help you relate better to the opposite sex. One would like to imagine that any couple who possesses healthy communication about their desires and needs would be pleased to discuss alternative means of arousal and adapt their love life to please both partners. The traditional gender roles the female is seen as the more docile of the two, the one who is more likely to stay home than to have an outside job. Even though the US is breaking free of this mold, it is a slow and laborious undertaking. When the US entered World War II and women had to enter the workforce outside of the home, this was a huge step in the direction of equality for men and women). Traditional gender roles, however still influence our culture today as can be seen by the fact that in the 1990s women still

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