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Discussion 2 gender socialization

Do you think it is important that parents discuss gender roles with their young children, or is gender a topic better left for later? How do parents consider gender norms when buying their children books, movies, and toys? How will the absence of gender socialization impact their social interaction within their social group? Include a critical evaluation of nature vs. nuture in your response. Compare and contrast the Sociological from the Psychological theories of human and social development.

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I don’t think It’s important to discuss gender roles with children at a young age, it’s something that should be discussed when the child is mature enough and may have questions about the subject. I also disagree with Storm’s parents “experiment” on raising their child genderless. It’s more of a social experiment for the parents than a benefit for the child. At that age, a child isn’t worried about people knowing what gender they are, they’re worried about pooping, eating, and playtime. I believe gender roles play a big part when parents purchase things for their children. Most parent buy dolls and kitchen sets for their daughters, and trucks and action figures for their sons. In my opinion a child should be able to play with whatever toy they are interested in. For example, when I was a kid my mother let me pick out my own bike and I chose a black and green Ninja Turtles bike. With no hesitation, my mother bought the bike for me with no questions whether it was acceptable for a girl.

I think the absence of gender socialization would be a benefit in a child’s social group. I think it would help create an open mind for the child. Children would create friendships based on shared interests versus choosing friendships just because they share the same gender. When it comes to nature versus nurture I feel that both play a big part in shaping who we are. We inherit genetic traits from our parents like creativity, exceling at certain sports, or the way we express ourselves, but things that we are exposed to also help create who we are. For instance, a child that was introduced to music and instruments can gain an interest in playing the guitar and starting a band even though neither parent had ever shown a love for music. Sociology and Psychology both study people and their behaviors. The difference between the two is that with Psychology the focus is on the minds influences in human behavior and how it processes people’s world. While in Sociology the focus is how society shapes human behavior and how different aspects of

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