Discussion 2 Massage and bodywork

Massage and bodywork are often only considered to be ways of “treating” yourself once in a while. After reading the text and articles provided, has your view of these therapies changed? In what ways do you see these therapies being incorporated in an integrated setting?

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While I feel that massage and bodywork can be considered a “treat” for some, for others it is a way to help heal their body, mind, and soul. I have always viewed the different forms of massage therapy and bodywork to be more than just a “treat”.

There are many ways in which massage therapy and different forms of bodywork can be incorporated into an integrated setting. Cancer patients often seek out different therapies in order to help them deal with their illness. “Meta-analyses of massage research found that it reduces anxiety, depression, and delayed assessment of pain (Moyer, Rounds, & Hannum, 2004: Coe & Anthony, 2005, p. 733) and may provide pain relief for patients with cancer at the end of life (Pan, Morrison, Ness, Fugh-Berman, & Leipzip, 2000; Coe & Anthony, 2005, p. 733).

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