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Many universities, industry professionals, and organizations feel that operations management and project management go hand in hand. Indeed, often the degree programs are similar, and professional organizations like APICS provide certifications in both. Why do you think it is important for those who manage operations functions to understand project management techniques? How does a firm integrate principles of both operations management and project management to create customer value? Find and cite examples.

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Project management has always been an intricate part of a business model and today more than ever it is important. A company today can have a project requiring billions of dollars to support and can span operations in Europe, America, and Asia. Project management is the way companies are able to successfully achieve a project of such magnitude. Project management can include all departments within a company including all aspects of operations management. An example is when a company identifies an opportunity to vertically integrate a process they currently have done with a number of suppliers. The project will include accounting, manufacturing, supply chain including purchasing and logistics, quality, human resources, engineering, and possibly customer service when and if the timeline isn’t met as they will need to notify customers of potential delays.

In this example, operations is an intricate part of the team. They will help identify the location of the manufacturing facility where the company will insource the new process. Operations will identify the supply chain for the raw material required for this new process as well as other parts of the project. The project manager will be responsible for identifying representatives of the different departments including operations. The PM will identify the goal and layout a timeline, assign individual tasks to the

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