Discussion 3-1 Communication

Identify 1 to 2 communication process(es) between individuals and within organizations from your readings so far in this course. Are all communication processes equal? How would one communication process work better than the other? Be sure to back your reasoning with text material or outside research.

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Communication is extremely important in all areas of life, especially in the workplace. Communication can be anything from receiving a phone call, attending a face-to-face, or more appropriately for these days, a Skype meeting, sending an email, or even something as simple as a head nod of agreement. The ultimate goal of communication is to present another person with information in a way that they will understand it. There are several parts of the communication process. The parts include: the sender, the message, channel of communication, decoding, receiver, and feedback (Indeed Editorial Team,2021). The sender is the person delivering the message. It is important that the sender communicates the message in a way that is professional and easy to understand and uses a channel of communication that will assist in conveying the sender’s message. There are many channels that a sender can use including phone calls, face-to-face meetings, video chats, emails, etc. Once the message is sent, it is then up to the receiver of the message to decode iti n a way that is easy for them to interpret the message. In order for communication processes to be equal, the sender and receiver must determine the most efficient way to communicate between each other. In order for the process to be more

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