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Discussion 3 extramarital sex

What is your opinion about extramarital sex? Is it ethical or moral? What are its effects on a marriage – does it destroy marriage or improve it, or perhaps have no effect? (Chapter 10)

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My opinion on extramarital sex is that it is unfair and unethical. The person who may engage in extramarital sex may be enjoying themselves in the moment but little do they know the damage they may cause their partner, the person they claim to love. I have seen cases in which the wife is at home taking care of the kids and preparing dinner while the husband is out fulfilling his sexual desires with someone else. Vise versa, I have seen when a husband works to give his family the best while the wife is out being sneaky claiming the husband doesn’t give her “time”. To me they are pathetic excuses to cheat. I feel that when someone has the urge to cheat or be with someone else to talk to their current partner and end things or come to an understanding of what their relationship lacks. It’s fair to

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