Discussion 3 for ACC 576″IT Auditing”

Imagine that you are a criminal working in the IT department of a large or small company. Create a scenario in which you attempt to breach the company’s accounting system in order to commit fraud. Based on your scenario, recommend one (1) control that would prevent or detect your fraud. Support your recommendation with examples

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It auditing can be defined as the examination of an organization’s information system, policies, and procedures. Manager have to ensure the internal controls are efficient and effective when performing an audit to get the best results possible. IT audits determines whether or not the internal controls are strategically functioning to prevent fraud or data integrity. There are several controls that can assist in the internal safeguard of their financial documents. Separation of duties are important because they don’t want to overwhelm one person with many duties that are usually handled by a team. The separation of duties will keep track over who perform what job within the organization. If I was a criminal working for the IT department, the first thing that comes to mind is to attempt to embezzle without being apparent.

It is easy to commit a crime, but covering it up becomes difficult when it is a small company. Eventually, fraud does it get detected it’s usually just a matter of time. Since everything is more technology based, I would commit fraud under someone’s watch. For example, if I am a receiving clerk for the sales department, I should have to ability to authorize sales that might exceed more than $1,000. To ensure that this does not happen, I would recommend that stricter authorization policy should be enforced to avoid fraud from happening.

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