Discussion 3 Sociological, Psychological

If given the choice, would you purchase an unusual car such as a hearse for everyday use? Is this a form of social deviance and how is that normally controlled by society? How is it different from a crime? Briefly research the difference between the Sociological, Psychological and Biological explanations of deviance and explain how they each would explain people’s violation of norms. Use the Sociological explanation to evaluate how crimes can be reduced.

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Given the choice I would probably own an unusual car like a hearse for everyday use. I believe society would consider it a form of social deviance, resulting in informal sanctions such as disapproval and criticism. Sanctions are ways society enforce rules and social norms, the different sanctions can be used to reward, disapprove of, or even punish behavior in our society. Social deviance is different from a crime because social deviance goes against social norms and is disruptive to the unwritten rules of society, while a crime consists of actions that disturb official laws and are punished with formal sanctions like jailtime or probation A better example of a crime would be committing a murder or robbing a grocery store. Biologically speaking, deviant behavior comes from our genes. We can’t be held responsible for how we are genetically engineered, therefore making our deviant behavior out of our control. Psychologists

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